Penis Enlargement – The Benefits All Men Should Know

The penis enlargement benefits here are astounding. If you are not too happy with your penis, this can be detected easily especially through the eyes of a woman. And usually they are able to read many things on our faces. There are many more benefits to Penis Enlargement. On your part expressively, having a more bigger penis leads to self esteem as well as greater confidence. Self confidence alone will make a man a better lover, not to mention the fact that a bigger penis means one will be able to satisfy his lover that much more shall we say deeper satisfaction.

Why men want to enlarge their penis size?

A small penis size is really a big problem for millions of men who are facing this around the world. Several studies have proved the importance of penis size for men and how traumatic it can be for a man to have a penis too small compared to an average sized penis. Loss of self esteem, low confidence, low morale, difficulty to relate with people and inability to enjoy sex are some of the very common problems that occur among people suffering from this.

The pleasure of having a big penis is just the icing on the cake here. If you know you have a penis that satisfies, many women in that room will know that too. Many women think if this man is this confident, there is something there that is making this man so confident. Having a big penis will help plenty. You can buy male enhancement products in a store that sells adult toys in fargo.


If you are concerned that your penis is too small, it can affect you in many ways. Most obviously, it can make you shy and awkward around the object of your affections. Men who think that their penises are small will regularly feel that they are just not presenting themselves as truthfully as they should, and that they are putting one over on someone that they like or are attracted to. Whether or not this assumption has any basis in fact, it is obvious that it can affect the way you live your life!

ProSolution Penis Pills,The Ideal Solution For Male Performance

prosolution-pills-boxIs penis enlargement a possibility? Some would still argue that it is in fact a waste of time. We have over the years been made to believe so. Sadly enough, some haven’t bothered to get in touch with the advances of the modern age.

Well, a few years back, penis enlargement was indeed unachievable. Many tried; men have always wanted to have bigger organs and so do their partners. It makes intercourse more satisfying and makes the man confident. It doesn’t have to be too big, no one asks for that. But when it’s not big enough, the consequences are never forging.

The situation was never going to stay that way for too long. Man had to find a way out. If we can exercise our arm muscles, the penis is just another muscle-filled organ. So as the search went on people came up with ideas, one after another.


Some never took off, some worked for a few days or weeks or months… and there are those that have stood the test of time.

One of them is ProSolution Penis Pills!

ProSolution penis pills

ProSolution pills are 99.9% natural pills that are meant to give you and your spouse a satisfying intercourse.

It has two main benefits:

  • Penis enlargement
  • Energy capabilities

ProSolution pills are safe and effective

The ingredients are all natural, easily ingested, high quality and have been proved to guarantee hard and lasting erections. And it never stops at that, these pills have far reaching advantages.

  • They are known to improve chances of multiple orgasms in every session. Most men hardly get away with two orgasms and even if they do, it often leaves them tired and drained. With these pills, the orgasms come so naturally.
  • You get thick, full erections. Forget the flimsy half-hearted erections that last a few minutes, ProSolution ensures that the penis is filled with enough blood which results in harder, bigger, fuller penises.
  • The pills also improve sex drive. Sometimes the man might not be in the mood for intercourse only for the partner to initiate the whole thing… it happens. But your mind is probably elsewhere and the drive is away with it. ProSolution penis pills will instantly bring your back to senses!
  • They also give you the stamina that is needed for the intercourse. You never have to worry about being too tired for the act, as long as you have the pills; you are always ready to get to action.

It’s easy to see that ProSolution isn’t just about the physical aspects, these pills are an all-rounder.


The Hydromax Pump

This is a male enhancement device with the main aim of making your penis bigger. Its other benefits include greater erection strength and improvement on symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It also reduces the frequency of premature ejaculation.

The minute you get this pack, you know you have a great product. It is branded very discretely so even if it was left on your porch, no one will know you ordered a penis pump. The case is good. The pump is very well designed and the quality is fantastic. The pump feels comfortable and it is convenient to have 3 pumping options.

It is also great that you can use it in a bath or shower. I prefer in the bath because it is easier to keep the water in the pump. You might want to include the shower strap if you want to use it more in the shower. Do not use it with very hot water. Warm or cold is the best.

The base pad is very comfortable. It is not too tight or too loose but it is nice and snug. It seals well even if you have not shaved. The pump does not hurt or pinch you unless you get the wrong size or use it without water.

Once you start using it, regulating the pressure can be tricky. If you read your manual then that works out quickly. I think this works best if you read the manual first. You may also need the manual on stand by when you are using it for the first time.

The pump does give you greater girth. You will feel thicker soon. The inches come gradually. After my first use it was less than half an inch but it keeps getting better.

My erections are also much harder. The best part is that you don’t have to use it for a long time every day. 15 minutes won’t make a difference in your schedule but it will really improve your sex life.

Does Bathmate Work – Bathmate Review

bathmate x30 reviewOkay, so Bathmate is a company that makes hydro pumps, a safer, better way of pumping your penis. They offer 60 days, no questions asked money back guarantee and claim to be able to add inches in size to both your penis length and girth within a few months.

Seems to good to be true doesn’t it? That’s what a lot of people have been saying. 6 months ago I met another blogger who runs a sex toy blog, he talked me into buying a Bathmate and ignoring the haters. I brought the bathmate and have been using it for the last 6 months. The pump I used is the Bathmate Hydromax x30. I pumped for 18 minutes 5 to 6 days a week, so this is my experience.

First I think you should watch this video

Now you know a little more about the Bathmate I can get started.

What does the Bathmate really do?

The Bathmate uses water to develop a tight suction that will help stretch your penis. The water makes it a lot safer than using a normal penis pump, it also makes you gain length and girth considerably quicker.

In a nutshell it will give you a bigger, harder penis. It adds to both length and girth permanently. It takes 6 weeks to start getting permanent growth. Not only does it do all this and more it’s also extremely healthy for the penis and will help you with maintaining an erection for hours on end.

How well does bathmate work?

After 6 months of using the Bathmate I can honestly say that it does anamazing job. I had an average size penis when I started using the Bathmate hydromax x30.

My penis size was: 6.2 inches in length normally, sometimes 6.4 on a good day. Flaccid it was around 3 inches. Girth was 1.5 inches when erect. I’ve used a lot of penis pumps, so I was shocked when I saw how well Bathmate did.

After just 6 months I went from 6.2 inches all the way to 7.6 inches. My girth went from 1.5 inches all the way to 2.4 inches. This was measured just after I used the pump.

Pretty F**king amazing? So it works well. I’ve got a really special surprise that I’ll share with you at the end, it will make you want the Bathmate even more.

Does Bathmate work quickly? 

Well as you can see it worked pretty quick for me. I’d say it takes around 6 weeks to start getting permanent gains, but within the first use I’d added some temporary size onto my penis, this lasts around 6 to 8 hours and is great if you’re going to have sex just after using it.

In my experience it works within a few weeks and once I got around week 6 to 8 I started getting great permanent gains.

With the new Bathmate Extreme they did something that I will surprise you with at the end.

It’s something to do with gaining 2 inches in size within 6 weeks.

Extra advice:

I used the Bathmate for 6 weeks and I didn’t see my partner too much because she was away studying.

When she got back she noticed the difference and while having sex for the first time after using the pump she was a completely different person. The sex was much better and I felt like I seriously pleased her with my penis and not just with my hands and mouth.

bathmare hydromax7Does Bathmate work for ever man?

Well the person who introduced me to the Bathmate Hydromax was someone who got great gains from using it.

He told me that he’d gained 2 inches and he also said something that was really true about confidence and how much it changed him.

He did an out of this world article explaining how to get a bigger penis in the quickest possible way.

It might be one of the best articles that I’ve ever read on this subject and it definitely shows the good sides of the Bathmate hydro pumps. If I could give you one bit of advice from this article it would be to check that article out.

I’m going to show you a little video that will help explain the Bathmate in an easier way.

Surprise – Before and After 

A few weeks ago I came across this guy called Matt, he works for Bathmate and I believe they paid him to pump his penis with the latest hydro pump for 6 weeks to show people the results.

I was shocked!

He used the Hydromax Extreme (the latest bathmate), he started using it over the space of 6 small videos (around 5 minutes each), by the end his size looked like this:

  • Week 1 (Flaccid) Length: 3.5″ Diameter: 1.2″
    Week 6 (Flaccid) Length: 4.4″ Diameter: 1.8″
  • Week 1 (Post) Length: 5.4″ Diameter: 1.6″
    Week 6 (Post) Length: 7.1.” Diameter: 2.0″

He gained a massive 1.7 inches within the first 6 weeks of use and he added 0.4 inches girth all within 6 weeks.

Think about what you could do within 12 weeks or even a year. If you’re sick and tired of having a small penis this really is the way to delete that problem from your life.

So Does Bathmate really work?

Are you sick of having a small penis or just being like everyone else? Well it’s really time to do something about it.

I don’t usually recommend products as much as I am going to recommend this product to you.

If you really do want a bigger penis and you’re happy to put in a little time every night, it’s really simple to use this pump and achieve amazing things.

You can go and click down below for the best price online and a 60 day no questions asked guarantee.

Penomet Review 2019

Penomet is among the very few products that will bring confidence back to the bedroom. Many people mistake Penomet for any other product for boosting satisfaction in bed. You cannot control your natural penis size any other way. Only Penomet can!


Real women will want all the satisfaction from a man they love. It is therefore quite disheartening to have a woman love you to the clouds only to disappoint her much later when you go to bed. Penomet will increase your dick and make you to push her to the very climax. If you have only been reading Penomet reviews online, then it is the high time you tried the product yourself.

If you Nature has only given you a wee little instrument, you should not grumble. Penomet has chipped in to end your woes. You should not doubt. Accept to use Penomet and let it boost your masculinity and confidence. Others, just like you, doubted at first but didn’t believe it when they achieved the unbelievably results.

You should carefully read the Penomet reviews to see the testimonies of those that have been helped by this great product. It sticks well on you and if you pump the gaiter for around four minutes every once in a while, you will realize maximum results that will no doubt amaze you.

With continual use, you are going to have your size gradually increasing. Closely follow the manual so as to understand how the pump works. If you doubt whether you have attained any major feat, then you should undertake some overnight experimentation and enjoy the energizing commendation. Try especially those that had written you off as sexually ineffective. You will have them change their perception of you, as they scream all the way to the climax.

It is alright to have a woman break up with you because of other things but not because you cannot perform. This is the very height of humiliation through which no man should go. However, very few products will ransom you from this mortification. Penomet is one of such slim options. Acquire yourself the product today and bid farewell all your troubles of today. Try it now!