Things to do travel in Hanover, New York

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1. The best way to get around the city is by bus, which operates according to strict timetables. There are two types of rates—a day rate and a night rate, the latter is current from 24:00 to 5:00 and it is twice expensive from the first. You can book at Airpaz your air tickets for the trip.

2. In the city there are special stops for taxis, we can also call the taxi service over the phone. It is very difficult to catch a taxi on the street. Even if all taxis are equipped with taximeters, it is advisable to specify the price in advance.

3. The most favorable season for the trip is the period from May to October. During these months it’s nice, and nothing will stop you from resting. Hanover is the administrative center of Lower Saxony, Germany. This city located on the river Leine, on the joint of the mountain range and the uncultivated land, at the distance of 160 km from the North Sea.

4. For tourists who want to save money, it is advisable to choose among the gastronomic establishments located next to the Rastplatz square. Many bistros and cafes are distinguished by a large selection of dishes and democratic prices. Some restaurants of the same level are located in the Markthalle market area.

5. To buy the gifts as a souvenir of the trip, it is better to go to the Georgstraße, which are very famous thanks to its gift shops and antiques. There is no habit of discussing prices; it is unlikely that a considerable reduction can be achieved. On the other hand, if a customer knows how to please the merchant, he will be able to receive a gift in addition to his purchase.

6. The inhabitants of the city are very friendly and they are always ready to help foreign tourists. To gain their trust we can learn a few sentences in German. It is much appreciated and will be considered as a sign of respect for local traditions.

7. Before making visits to new friends, it is mandatory to prepare the gifts. We can offer nice little gifts, a bouquet of flowers or a quality wine.

8. According to local etiquette, we do not make phone calls after 21:00. By cons, in the morning we can start doing it very early, from 7 hours.

9. In streets and public places one must remain very calm. The slightest violation of public order, such as the loud voice or a very active gesture can be considered as a sign of the bad tone.

10. New friends are addressed not by a first name, but by a name. When you introduce yourself, you must also say not only your first name, but your name as well; otherwise an interlocutor may be embarrassed.

11. The inhabitants of the city are very punctual, so we should never be late for appointments. It should be noted that in the evening there is always a lot of congestion, so we must go out in advance if we want to be in time to important appointments.