Penis pumps – Water vs. Air pumps

Penile vacuum pumps are very popular either in the health industry or penis enlargement arena.

It has been in the news and for those individuals who are not aware of it, the device name could either be intimidating or interesting depending on the individuals who hears it.

In this write-up, we have included the basic feature and benefits of using a penis pump, the various types of penis pumps, how they work and finally how to choose the best penis pump for penis enlargement resolutions.

Just want to find the best penis pump?

The short answer is that water penis pumps are far better than their air based counter part.

bathmare hydromax7They are simple just way more effective and comfortable to use.

The best water penis pump is called the Bathmate and it’s the one I recommend to all men who are looking for a penis pump.

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The benefits of using penis pump

  • Boost self-confidence
  • Can help enhance sexual stamina making sexual act longer and better
  • Potential solution to straightening or correcting of curved penises
  • Can assist enlarge the penis head or glans
  • Can help to increase the length of the penis
  • Can help achieve immediately visible outcomes, though temporary, completely practical for purposes of sex.
  • Can help achieve reliable rock-hard erections on request
  • Hydro pumps are famous for its proficiency of increasing penis girth

Penis pumps have been used for several years in the world of medical helping men with erections related problems. The air vacuum penis pump is the first pump available.

Later, the water based penis pumps or the hydro pumps were presented in the market as the enlargement devices for the penis. Even though, penis pumping existed for many years, and it is still commonly a misconstrued means of increasing the penis size.

Penis pumps are very effective mainly when it comes to attaining permanent gains bearing in mind that it is used along with recognized routine. Normally, routines offered by the manufacturers are very good to get started.

There are one well-known penis pumps available nowadays and that’s the Bathmate. These two pumps are both hydro or water based penis pumps. On the other hand, the air vacuum pumps are also available designed to quality and excellent features.

The theory of penis pumps is common to create an air vacuum pumps enabling the penis to enlarge filling up the air being taken away. Also, the hydro penis pumps process its vacuum by taking away water, and just like the air vacuum theory, the penis increases thus filling up the spilled water. When penis pumping is done appropriately and consistently, it is evident that it provides permanent penis enlargement.

Although several individuals have recorded great results, some people may not. This is because the results usually depend on the different factors such as the amount of time, routine use, as well as the effort spent carrying out the routine.

Parts of a penis pumps

Conservative air vacuum penis pump comprises two components that include, the vacuum pumping mechanism and the cylindrical tube. Typically, the cylindrical tube’ length is 9 inches, and a diameter varying from 1.5 to 4 inches.

Hydro penis comprises of only a cylindrical tube with a gaiter that will assist to create the vacuum to grasp against the pelvis. Water-based penis pumps have innovative designs.

How penis pumping works

When air is extracted out in the vacuum air pump, or water is poured out in the water-based penis pump, a vacuum is created inside the cylindrical tube making the penis swell thus filling up the vacuum. The swelling mainly occurs when the internal parts increase.

The negative vacuum force or pressure inside the cylinder of the pump increases the corpus cavernosa, corpus spongiosum, and Tunica, allowing the blood flow to increase and pulls the lymphatic liquids. Besides, the vacuum produces pressure on the ligaments of the penis allowing to attain permanent size increase.

Newer penis pumps such as Bathmate are more effective and comfortable especially when warm water is used. These pumps are wonderful for both penis enlargement purposes and the penile hydrotherapy that they have confirmed to be safe and effective as long as the instructions are followed by the users.

Buy the perfect penis pump

When purchasing penis pump for penis enlargement purposes, consider the water based penis, pumps. Hydro penis pumps are not only popular but also offer proven gains for individuals who have used these devices. PBathmate are the only popular hydro penis pump.

Penis pumps choices

Unquestionably, Bathmate pumps are more comfortable for use when compared to the conventional air pumps. Unluckily, there are only two hydro penis pumps.

Additionally, if you are a beginner, do not get confused about the various choices mainly with the several bathmate models. What you have to do is to take the measurement of your current size and select the right pump for yourself.

Penis pumps – water vs. air penis pump

water vs air penis pumps

It is tough to say since the both has their disadvantages and advantages. With an air vacuum penis pump, you don’t have to fear about having your surrounding wet or making a mess.

Air vacuum pumps have been in the market for a longer period that water-based pumps.

Water-based pumps are very easy to fit in your everyday plan. Several individuals find the use of hydro pumps more comfortable.

Also, the conventional vacuums pumps are cheaper when compared to the hydro penis pumps.

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