Important Update – Penomet Review 2022

Update: Penomet has been discontinued but I would highly recommend getting a Bathmate Penis pump. It’s simply a better version of the Penomet pump. You can get in from

Do you want to increase the size of your penis naturally?

Achieve stronger, longer-lasting erections?

If so, there are a number of different options on the market that can help you achieve this.

Most of the methods does simple not work and are a pure waste of money and time but a few methods do work including penis pumps and one of the best is the Penomet penis enlargement pump.

penomet penis pump review


The Penomet penis pump is one of the most popular water-based penis pumps currently on the market, and have been used by men of all different ages and backgrounds from countries all over the world.

The pump can be used to increase the thickness and the length of your penis. The pump uses water to create vacuum instead of air that are used in older versions of pumps (more on water vs. air later).


  • You may be apprehensive if you have never used a penis pump before. For example, you might think that the pump will cause pain or sensitivity or be uncomfortable to wear. However, Penomet pumps have been designed to be worn when you are in the shower or bath, and slowly draw blood into the penis area. These devices are comfortable to wear and can provide you with the results you are looking for with continued use of the product.
  • The pump works by stimulating the size of your penis, and many men who have used the product in the past have noted that they were able to achieve stronger, longer lasting erections. This has had a number of benefits, and has led to an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem. Many of these men have also noted that they were more confident in the bedroom when having sex with their partner.
  • The Penomet pump has different pressure gaiters when you purchase the Premium version (Standard and Extra versions are also available), which can be adjusted based on your particular requirements. Using the pump is straight forward – just pump the device up and down when you are in the shower or bath until you achieve the desired pressure. The pump has a tight suction, and will increase blood flow in the penis area. By pumping the device up and down for a short period of time, and then repeating on a regular basis, can increase the size and length of your penis naturally. The fifth pressure gaiter is labelled ‘force 80’ as is the strongest pressure on offer from Penomet.



Some men have found it more beneficial to shave the pubic area before using the Penomet pump. This can help to create a tighter suction, and may feel more comfortable when the device is attached to the penis. For more information on how to insert the penis pump correctly, refer to the instructional guide that comes with the product.

There are five different pressure settings on the Premium version of the product. You will see pressure gaiters are attached to the bottom of the device, which provides you with the flexibility you need when operating a product like this. You will need to insert your penis into the Penomet device and then choose one of these settings until you are happy with the amount of pressure.


  • The Penomet pump doesn’t leak if you use it when standing up in the bath or shower, and is easy to clean and maintain. In fact, the material used to manufacture the product is completely dishwasher safe, and because you won’t need to purchase any additional cleaning equipment, the pump will save you a lot time, money, and hassle when compared to some other products available on the market.
  • The different pressure gaiters are color-coded, which makes it much easier when determining the correct pressure for you. The tube is manufactured from polycarbonate plastic, and is made in the United States, while the pressure gaiters are made from medical grade silicone and manufactured in Japan.
  • Although results will vary depending on the individual, the company promise between 1 to 3 inches of penis growth when using the product on a regular basis.

Penomet Gaiter selection


Penomet pumps are available with a lifetime guarantee – providing you with the peace of mind you need when using a product like this. To find out more about the warranty, as well as the company’s returns policy, refer to the official Penomet website for more information.


Penomet are renowned for the customer service that they provide. Whether you have a question about the product, or just want to find out some additional information, there are a number of different ways you can get in touch with a company rep. You can expect a prompt response to your query.


You will find that the Penomet online store is easy to use, with different navigational menus that will take you to different sections of the site. Here you will find individual product pages, as well a high resolution photography and other information. One of the benefits of ordering from the company is the wide range of shipping options available to you. You will also have the product delivered directly to your door, arriving in discreet packaging – ideal if you concerned about your privacy.

Update: Penomet has been discontinued but I would highly recommend getting a Bathmate Penis pump. It’s simply a better version of the Penomet pump. You can get in from