The Hydromax Pump

This is a male enhancement device with the main aim of making your penis bigger. Its other benefits include greater erection strength and improvement on symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It also reduces the frequency of premature ejaculation.

The minute you get this pack, you know you have a great product. It is branded very discretely so even if it was left on your porch, no one will know you ordered a penis pump. The case is good. The pump is very well designed and the quality is fantastic. The pump feels comfortable and it is convenient to have 3 pumping options.

It is also great that you can use it in a bath or shower. I prefer in the bath because it is easier to keep the water in the pump. You might want to include the shower strap if you want to use it more in the shower. Do not use it with very hot water. Warm or cold is the best.

The base pad is very comfortable. It is not too tight or too loose but it is nice and snug. It seals well even if you have not shaved. The pump does not hurt or pinch you unless you get the wrong size or use it without water.

Once you start using it, regulating the pressure can be tricky. If you read your manual then that works out quickly. I think this works best if you read the manual first. You may also need the manual on stand by when you are using it for the first time.

The pump does give you greater girth. You will feel thicker soon. The inches come gradually. After my first use it was less than half an inch but it keeps getting better.

My erections are also much harder. The best part is that you don’t have to use it for a long time every day. 15 minutes won’t make a difference in your schedule but it will really improve your sex life.